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5 Ways to Navigate Single Parenting with Harmony

A mother is sitting in the grass cross legged, a little boy is hugging her from behind. It's a playful and affectionate moment between a mother and her child.
Single parenting comes with its own set of challenges. It requires strength, resilience, and the ability to find balance amidst multiple responsibilities and competing priorities. These challenges can be compounded for parents living at the intersection of systemic oppression, including Parents of Color, Queer parents, and poor or working class parents. Within all those challenges, there is also abundant joy and opportunities for personal growth. Navigating these challenges with a growth mindset calls on parents to be creative, connected, and adaptable. Cultivating a parenting experience that allows for this level of abundance is challenging work, but it can be more than rewarding when it’s built around a set of core values that provides guidance and direction when parents are lost in the day-to-day haze of raising young souls.

Manage Finances

Single parents often face financial challenges that dual-income households don’t have to navigate.

Women of Color and LGBTQIA+ parents may face additional financial hardship due to pay inequity and systemic oppression within their industry that prevents upward growth. While a budget can be a valuable tool, it’s only as beneficial as the individual’s resources allow. Managing finances for a single-parent household in the era where economic justice is still owed is challenging to say the least. Parents may use government assistance, community resources, and their support system to bring various resources into their home. Public libraries can be a free source of education, entertainment, and connection. Family and friends may “sponsor extracurricular activities for a child, alleviating parents of the financial cost; or they may provide rides to and from practice, freeing up valuable time in a parent’s schedule. Tapping into a supportive network cultivates a community of care invested in a family’s well-being, it reduces family reliance on insufficient public resources, and it models what mutual care looks like on a day-to-day basis for children.

Model Collaboration through Co-Parenting

Co-parenting presents daily opportunities to model collaboration for children.

Parents can create open lines of communication and clear boundaries in ways that model healthy and effective communication. Co-parents have ample opportunities to practice collaborative problem solving. Several examples include when a child is sick, planning summer schedules, and communicating educational information. These are all common things co-parents often have to navigate, and being able to do so in a collaborative way affirms the children’s well-being is the shared top priority, while teaching critical interpersonal skills. Genuine collaboration doesn’t shy away from conflict, rather it embraces it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

It’s important to note co-parenting with an abusive partner will be exceptionally difficult, and in many cases impossible. If you are a victim or survivor of relationship violence, help is available.

Nourish Yourself

Single parenting is labor and energy intensive, it demands an ongoing giving of our emotional, mental, and physical labor.

There’s never a moment we’re “off,” and this can easily become overwhelming. Connecting with ourselves is foundational to connecting with anyone else. When we nourish our needs, we directly show our children how to love themselves. The way we treat our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits is a model for our children on how to treat theirs. The specific ways you nourish yourself will vary widely because it depends on multiple factors. The Empowering Journey guides you in creating a harmonious connection among a single parent's greatest resources: time, energy, and money. Regular check-ins with yourself can keep you aligned with how you’re using your resources, what needs aren’t being met, and where you’re experiencing connection and pleasure.

Connect and Receive with Love

Single parenting is emotionally and mentally demanding. A supportive network is crucial.

The way you design your support network will be unique to yours and your children’s needs. It may involve family members that provide free childcare, or tapping into trusted referrals for a babysitter. Support may include school or community-based resources, such as a YMCA; it may include healthcare providers or therapists; it may include child-free friends that keep us connected to our own inner teen and young adult in healthy ways. Each time we accept support and care, we model to our children that they are worth investing in. This sustains us for the lifelong journey of raising souls. It’s not a path meant to be traveled alone.

Celebrate the Joys of Single Parenting

While single parenting can be challenging, it also brings unique joys, experiences, and opportunities for personal growth.

It presents an opportunity to create priorities, reduce obligations, and center on the full needs of your child. Single parents can thrive with balance, connection, and support that becomes the village that raised our children. The Empowering Journey is committed to supporting parents in a harmonious connection with their children. Our approach to empowering parents integrates inner child healing, shadow work, and intuition development to connect parents more deeply, not only with their children’s needs, but theirs as well. Our approach supports breaking intergenerational curses by disrupting the parenting patterns that created our own core wounds. Explore if the path of empowered, intuitive parenting calls to you with our screening questionnaire.

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